Shaped and fortified small medieval city. There are still pleasant remains (doors and dungeons).

  • The edge of Loing : a canoe getaway overlooking the villages that borders the river as well as the fauna and flora.
  • The museum of candy canes : The oldest candy in France was invented in Moret in 1638. When finishing the tour, the greediest ones must visit the shop where you will find the famous candy canes, either in berlingots or in sticks, and many other sweets.
  • The Rosa Bonheur workshop : The most famous painter of her century. She was the world’s idel. It is worth visiting her workshop, left in remaining state and discovering the story of this ultramodern woman. Bookings available ath the Castle of By, in Thomery.


Imperial city, center of art and history, strong equestrian tradition and local gastronomy. Below are the must-see of the city :

  • The castle of Fontainebleau : Registered as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1981, it was inhabited by all the sovereigns from the 12th to the 19th century. It is the most furnished of the Franch Royal castle. .

  • The city center : The city has preserved a Franch art of living, you will discover many restaurants with terrace, pretty alleys and shops. The speciality of the city Fontainebleau : a mixture of whipped cream and cottage cheese.

  • The forest : More than 22,000 hectares of preserved nature, it is the largest natural area in Ile-de-France. Real joy for nature lovers, many hikes await you (marked trails for walkers, cyclists and riders). .

If you are looking for something more unusual, you can also book a sled dogs kart ride, or an introduction to climbing.


Medieval city classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site since 2001.

  • The city: Exceptional monuments: the ramparts, the César Tower, the Grange aux dîmes (Tithe Barn), the Priory of Saint-Ayoul, the Museum of Provins and of Provinois …
  • The shows: The Eagles of the Ramparts, to discover the fascinating birds of prey flying skills, but also the Legend of the Knights with juggling, equestrian feat, horse training and cavalcades.
  • The underground: Exciting and mysterious visit to learn a little more about what is under our feet.


The origin of the city dates back to the Gallo Roman era. Marks of the past can be found everywhere, including in the fortifications, in the angel tower and in the elegant castle.

Toucy was bombed in 1940 during the market. The city has been rebuilt since, and is growing more beautiful every day.

Dynamic city, animated by its famous picturesque Saturday morning market, labeled “Saveurs et Savoir-faire de Bourgogne” (“Flavors and Know-how of Burgundy”).

And also…

Barbizon :

Birthplace of impressionist painters, ranked as the 4th most beautiful village in France in 2015. How nice it is to stroll through this village with cobbled streets and to discover its small shops and art galleries …

  • The departmental museum of painters, where several landscape painters have stayed, you will find several exhibitions including a collection of paintings and drawings by Camille Corot, Jean-François Millet, Théodore Rousseau and Narcisse Diaz de la Peña.
  • To complete your visit, go to the Maison-atelier to discover the world-famous work of Jean-François Millet such as the Angelus and the Glaneuses.
  • Take this opportunity to have a walk in the forest, or to do rock climbing. You will find some paths at the end of the main street of the village.

Chablis :

Historical city surrounded by vineyards, known for its wine-growing and its famous wines. It is also a charming village where you can discover its gastronomy, history, and the surrounding nature.

  • Many producers offer tastings of the 4 Chablis appellations : Grand Cru, Premier Cru, Chablis and Petit-Chablis as well as wine hikes.

  • A rich heritage, do not hesitate to discover the Collegiate Church of Saint-Martin, the Obédiencerie, the synagogue, the Christmas gate …
  • Try some culinary specialties such as Jambon au Chablis (Chablis Ham), Biscuit Duché, gougères or andouillette with a glass of Chablisian wines in the restaurants of the city. The Maison de l’Andouillette by “Michel Soulié” will be able to welcome you to make you discover this specialty since 1886.
  • The colorful market with local products is on Sunday mornings in the city center.

Troyes :

This city nicknamed “cities with a thousand colors”, immerses us back into medieval history.

  • The city center nicknamed “Bouchon” (cork), a reference to the shape of the champagne cork, is full of cobbled and narrow streets, secret paths, and traces of the past. It is also, a journey back in time between middle ages and renaissance with its multicolored crookedness wooden houses and mansions, signs of wealth. You can find the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul, sublime churches and a large selection of museums. 
  • Try the andouillette … 5A preferably: this is the local specialty.
  • For a breath of nature, the lake of the Orient forest near Troyes offers many walks to enjoy the superb surroundings with the huge stretch of water, the fauna and flora.
  • Willing to go shopping? The largest European mall is located in Troyes, gathering many major brand stores, such as: Marques Avenues, Mc Arthur Glen and Marques City. There are more than 450 brands and 200 shops.

Soisy sur Ecole :

The place I have loved to go since I am a kid: the glassware of Soisy. You will be able to admire the work of these glass magicians: the glass blowers, but also to have some explanations about this art. The workshop and the shop are open simultaneously and the visit is free .